Monday, October 25, 2021

Lights, Camera, Action! – Movie Making Tips for Beginners & Pros


“Lights, Camera, Action! – Movie Making Tips for Beginners & Pros,” is my version of Nickelodeon’s classic “Standby...Lights! Camera! Action!” which was hosted by Leonard Nimoy. Please remember that all of the videos posted can be adjusted to fit the particular project that you’re working on. These videos are about collecting a variety of ideas to be used and adapted to fit the needs of your project.




How ToMake A Clockwork Droid Mask | Doctor Who


Bejeweled Boho Cardboard Mirror DIY Mark Montano 

(This could be an easy background prop.)


7 Thingsto Know About Making Short Films!: FRIDAY 101 | Indy Mogul


How To Make A T-Rex Out Of CARDBOARD!


Creating A Sci-Fi Film (60 Minute FilmmakingTutorial) | Savage

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