Thursday, June 9, 2022

Special Delivery


One of the most special memories that I have of my Mother is going to see CATS the musical live, on stage; we saw Tour 5 about fifteen times. Yesterday, June 8th was the two-year anniversary of my Mother’s passing so in honor of her, I post today’s Special Delivery.


CATS at the Olivier Awards 2013

"Gus the Theatre Cat" / "Growltiger's Last Stand"

 – CATS - Stanley Allyn Owen, Jackey Good


CATS – Australian Tent Tour – Documentary (1999)

CATS the Musical Behind the Scenes

CATS UK Tour 2013

The Musical – Cats

Theatrical production of the Musical Cat's told from a different perspective.

This is a very different, but also a VERY fun version of CATS. Well worth the time it takes to watch it; or at least I think so. - Small warning, the dancing is a bit thin in places but the overall fun of the show far out weights that.

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