Thursday, January 6, 2011

Federal Judges Declare War on America's Families‏

Federal Judges Declare War on America's Families!

Second Circuit Court Says Nudity and Profanity are OK on TV at Any Time of Day…Even in front of Children!!

The Second Circuit Court in New York City has declared war on American families.

You may recall that in 2003, the ABC Television Network aired an episode of NYPD Blue, in which a woman undressed and stood totally naked in front of a child. The bipartisan Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously agreed that the scene was in violation of existing decency laws, and fined 44 ABC affiliates that aired the episode before the 10:00 pm "safe harbor" time period.

Over the last several years, the entertainment industry’s army of high-priced lawyers dragged this case and the Fox v. FCC “fleeting profanity” case through the federal court system, shopping for a court with judges who would overturn the FCC’s rulings. Sadly they found one.

This past Tuesday, the New York-based U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the FCC’s fine against ABC for airing nudity in front of children, during prime time, on the airwaves the taxpayers own and that the TV networks use for free!

This is the same Second Circuit that declared the F-word was OK to be aired on broadcast television at any time – even in front of children!

In both cases, the PTC fought aggressively on behalf of the American people who overwhelming support FCC enforcement of existing decency laws. (In 2006, in response to public outcry over the Janet Jackson Super Bowl striptease, Congress overwhelmingly supported a ten-fold increase in indecency fines.)

And in both cases, three Manhattan judges imposed their personal standards on every family and child in America – and proclaimed that they know better than the Supreme Court, the Congress, the FCC, and the overwhelming majority of the American people.

As a result, children and families will be exposed to even more extreme content – because the networks know they’ll be able to get away with showing anything they want at any time of the day, and ignoring the broadcast decency law…because they know they can appeal to the anti-decency judges on the Second Circuit Court!

If you’re sick and tired of TV networks ignoring the broadcast decency law…

If you’re sick and tired of activist judges who ignore decades of legal precedent that says WE are right…

If you’re sick and tired of an entertainment culture that markets filth to children and families…


The FCC needs to know that we will not let this ruling stand, and neither should they! Write to the FCC today and demand they appeal this ruling to the Supreme Court immediately.

We did it before…and we can do it again!

Remember that just two years ago the US Supreme Court overturned the Second Circuit Court’s attempt to strip away the FCC’s ability to fine broadcasters for violating the decency law.

Here's what YOU can do to help protect your children:

Click here [ ] to send an e-mail message now to the FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski demanding an immediate appeal of this outrageous ruling.

And please consider supporting the PTC financially.

Unlike the entertainment industry, with their countless billions of dollars, we are fighting a battle for the innocence of our children and grandchildren…and our only source of support is from our friends like YOU!

Please help us continue our fight for America's families!

Because our Children are Watching!

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