Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Classic Nick Wed. – Don’t Just Sit There Fan Interview

After posting the Double Dare fan interviews on the last Classic Nick Wednesday a friend and fellow Classic Nickelodeon fan contacted me and told me about the time he and his brother visited the television talk show “Don’t Just Sit There.” At this time, I would like to say a very special that you to my friend Mike Keller and dedicate this blog post to the memory of his brother. 

Don't Just Sit There – Fan Interview

Your Name:

Were you a contestant or an audience member?
Audience Member

Did you have to fill out an application? If so, do you remember any of the questions?
Not that I can remember, I do remember having to sign a release form

Did the show require you to be a certain age to participate?
Again, not that I can recall, I was in second grade at the time, so I don't think so

Did you get to officially meet any of the hosts? If so what were they like?
No unfortunately we did not, I was very excited and impressed just being there though haha

How did it feel walking into the studio for the first time? Had you been there before?
Never been to anything like that before, it was very exciting for me

What is your best memory of being there?
Just everything about it, I was already a fan of the show and watched it regularly, the episode we were there for had Scott Baio as the guest and my brother and I both liked Charles In Charge so that was cool. I had also been a huge music fan since I was very young, was just starting up drums at that time, and I thought the band on the show was very cool as well, I liked that they were all teenagers, made it seem possible to me even at that age ha.

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you can share with us?
Not particularly, before we went into the studio we were in another room where a Nickelodeon staff member basically gave us the rundown of everything, she also guided us in how to react when the show was being taped.

Any last thoughts?
It was a fun experience and I remember when the show finally hit the air I was shown twice so that was VERY cool haha, thanks for letting me do this, 80's Nick forever!!!

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