Saturday, September 7, 2019

Classic Nick Rocks – The Cockroaches vs The Wiggles

Most households with young children have undoubtedly head of the smash children’s group The Wiggles. But did you know that before Anthony and Jeff dawned their famous blue and purple skivvies they were topping the charts with The Cockroaches with hits like, “She’s The One,” "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)" and "Hey What Now!"?

What most fans, of either group, know is that band member John Field, Anthony’s brother, who wrote all of the big hits for The Cockroaches took some of their songs, reworded them and turned them into hit songs for The Wiggles! Below you will hear the original songs by The Cockroaches and then the Wiggly version. Which one do you like best? Or, like me, do you love them all?

The Cockroaches – It's Another Saturday Night

The Wiggles – Dorothy The Dinosaur

The Cockroaches – Wait Up

The Wiggles – Wake Up

The Cockroaches – Caveman

The Wiggles – Caveman

The Cockroaches – Do The Monkey

The Wiggles – Do The Monkey

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