Monday, September 9, 2019

Lights, Camera, Action! – Movie Making Tips for Beginners & Pros

Welcome to “Lights, Camera, Action! – Movie Making Tips for Beginners & Pros,” my version of Nickelodeon’s classic “Standby...Lights! Camera! Action!” which was hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

Twice a month I will post about five videos which relate to film making in one way or another. At times I may also post a craft type video which, with a bit of imagination can be used in a film one way or another even if it’s in the background.

Keep in mind that the topic of the video can be adapted to whatever type of film you’re working on. For instance, if I post a video about how to make a science fiction set, or prop, remember that the information is still valuable to use but you can make it fit whatever you happen to be working on at the time.

As mentioned above I will be posting to LCA twice a month in rotation with Mystery Monday. Enjoy.

10 Tips on Writing a 'No-Budget' Short Film 

Zero Budget Scifi Props Zero Budget Film School

DIY Dino Egg Soap | Soap Making For Beginners| SoCraftastic SoCraftastic

**You could use resin instead of soap and use them in a (very) distant shot, or use the giant Easter eggs as molds for large eggs.**

Filming a Music Video on a Budget

How To Life Cast (Make A Mold Of Your Head)

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