Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Anniversary Nickelodeon!

Happy Anniversary Nickelodeon!

No foolin’ Nickelodeon was launched December 1, 1977; 38 years ago as the Pinwheel Network then relaunched on April 1, 1979; 37 years ago as Nickelodeon. So take a step back in time as The Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog celebrates Nickelodeon’s 37th anniversary!

Nickelodeon Promo Reel – 1980

Dusty's Treehouse

More Nickelodeon Silver Ball ID Promos – 1980’s


Bill Jackson Interview

Vegetable Soup

Reggie Jackson's World of Sports Commercial Nickelodeon 1984

Today’s Special

Nickelodeon Tuesday Afternoon Promo –1983

Hocus Focus early Nickelodeon TV show from 1981 (clip)

The Third Eye

What Will They Think Of Next? (3 links make up about ½ an hour)

Matt & Jenny

Adventures of Black Beauty

Special Delivery Opening Credits (ignore the title they give you)

Special Delivery – Unicorn Tales 1

You Can't Do That On Television

Nickelodeon Promo - 1980's

The Tomorrow People – The Blue and the Green in 9 parts

Family Double Dare

Nickelodeon IDs 1981

Adventures in Rainbow Country – Mystery at Whaleback

1983 Nickelodeon – Bouncing Pinball

The Third Eye – Children of the Stones

Christine 'Moose' McGlade's Audition

Nickelodeon ORIGINAL Mime 1980-1981

Special Delivery Opening Credits (ignore the title they give you)

Special Delivery – Clever Jack

Out of Control

Nickelodeon Promo – Turkey Television

Slimed! YCDTOTV Panel Full

Mr. Wizard’s World
What Is Liquid Nitrogen

Fill a Water Glass From Across the Room


Nickelodeon's Marc Summers + 30 Creators, Stars, Writers + More Celebrate Nick's Glory Days (Full)

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