Monday, July 25, 2016

Double Dare Week on the Splat!

Hey Guys!

So how many of you watched the LIVED Double Dare stream over at The Splat’s f/b page the other night? I did and thought it was great. I didn’t enjoy contestants (not a fan of “All that”) but all together it was fun to watch. The challenges were great and the obstacle course felt like old times.

That being said this week The Splat television network is airing Double Dare all week! Now, I have Cable One as my provider and they cut the MTV / Nickelodeon package well over a year ago so I won’t be able to watch these but you guys can!

And to help you enjoy it even more Mr. Ben Thompson sent me an email on my “Bring back Double Dare” f/b page. He writes:

Ben Thompson
Hello, Bring back DD, Double Dare week starts tonight and all this week. Here's the schedule and episodes that will be playing:

Here are the episodes from Double Dare series week

MONDAY July 25:
10:00PM Double Dare: The Raiders vs the Mets (1986)

TUESDAY July 26:
10:00PM FOX Family Double Dare (1988): The McGoldricks vs The O'Donnells

10:00PM Double Dare 2000: The Red Hot Chili Peppers vs The Blue Angels (first taped episode)

10:00PM Double Dare: #250

FRIDAY July 29:
11:05PM FOX Family Double Dare (1988): The Datz-Lerners vs The Dieroffs
11:37PM Family Double Dare (1990): #046
11:59PM Double Dare 2000: Snow Day vs The Amanda Show
12:30AM Double Dare 2000: Red Rettlers vs The Blue Blazers

11:05PM Double Dare: #227
11:36PM Double Dare: #031 (1986)
11:59PM Double Dare: #160
12:30AM Double Dare: #140

SUNDAY July 31:
11:05PM Double Dare 2000: Taina vs Noah Knows Best
11:36PM Double Dare 2000: The No Authority vs the N-Thon
11:59PM Family Double Dare (1993): Tournament of Champions

Here are the episodes from Double Dare series week

That's the schedule for the week. #DoubleDareWeek

Thank you for taking the time to look up the DD schedule this week Ben, you’re are awesome. Thank you for your loyalty to the page and for jumping right in and shreing with us. J

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