Sunday, September 11, 2016

Special Delivery – Escape to Grizzly Mountain

In this charming story a boy is moved by the plight of an abused cub kept by an unscrupulous circus owner. As he attempts a rescue of the cub he befriends a Native American trainer troubled by his own collaboration with the cruel circus owner. He tells the boy of a mystical cave where "the pure of heart" can travel back to a simpler past. Realizing that may be the only way to recuse the bear cub the boy sets out to find the cave but when the cub escapes his leash and the boy travels back into the 1841 wilderness and meets Haggerty's mountain man alone. Together they devise a plan to rescue the bear cub which involves Haggerty traveling to the future to help out. As the disclaimer states, this movie may feature Grizzly Adams himself, Dan Haggerty, but it's not about Grizzly Adams. Instead, it's

Escape to Grizzly Mountain

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