Monday, September 19, 2016

An Autographed Pic From MARC SUMMERS!!!

Check out what FINALLY came on Saturday!!!  Now before anyone goes bonkers asking me how I got this I emailed Mr. Summers the night of the live Double Dare event that was hosted by The Splat back in July. He gave me his assistant’s email and had me get in touch with him. The gentlemen has been very busy and was only now able to send it to me. That being said, I asked him if I was allowed to give out his email address know that all of you would want an autographed photo of your own. His response was:

“They will need to send a self-addressed large envelope to me at:

Ryan Coyne
601 Walnut St
STE 1150w Box 38
Philadelphia, PA 19106”

Keep in mind that this is an standard 8 ½ by 11 photo so the postage on your envelop must accommodate for this. Also, mine was slightly bent b/c the mailman has to put it in my mailbox, if you do not want yours bend you will have to provide cardboard or something to keep it from bending and allow for that in your SASE.

IF your photo is damaged or bent no one with the Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog, the Bring Back Double Dare F/B page, the A New Beginning For Classic Nickelodeon yahoo email group, Mr. Summers or Mr. Coyne is responsible.

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